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Multiple TA

Multiple TA

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WARNING! It is strongly recommended to edit this strategy first before using it!

This strategy is a replacement of the "Multiple TA" built in the strategy designer. The strategy is open config, which means it can be edited upon download.

To edit the strategy please go to Strategies/Market Strategies then click on the little wheel button in the top right corner and select "Edit strategy".

The strategy contains all of the indicators found in the "Multiple TA". If there is an indicator you don't need, you can remove it by clicking on the x icon. You can edit all of the indicator's parameters, including the candle size, by clicking on the specific indicator (make sure to edit both the buy and sell). You can set the minimum buy and sell signals at the bottom of the page (this represents how many of your signals are necessary for an order to be placed).

For more information regarding the strategy designer and how to create a strategy please take a look at our documentation:

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