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Bottom Buyer Premium - DEX

Bottom Buyer Premium - DEX

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This template works best with strategies and signals that intend to buy and hold coins for 2-3 days and make at least 4% profit per trade.

:::::::::: Compatibility ::::::::::
Works with ALL Exchanges and Base Currencies. Templates will override all your existing configuration settings, config pools, triggers, with the configuration of the template EXCEPT exchange, API keys and base currency.

:::::::::: Description ::::::::::
Up to 75 of the highest profiting coins tested with this template and the Premium Bottom Buyer Strategy (link below) are selected in this template by default, depending on your subscription you may need to remove some coins.

:::::::::: Recommended Items ::::::::::
Premium Bottom Buyer Strategy:

:::::::::: Guide & FAQ ::::::::::
Step by Step Guide:
Compare Strategies:

:::::::::: Contact Me - Let me know if you have issues, questions, or suggestions ::::::::::

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