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CQS Basic Scalper

CQS Basic Scalper

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Aggressive strategy to buy based on RSI + Bollinger Bands and also using our free signals.

Sells based on RSI + Bollinger Bands.

We recommend a small percentage profit target or small Trailing Stop Loss configuration to aim for small profits and also using automatic DCA instead of stop loss. Some recommended settings:

- Percentage profit 0.65% or Trailing stop loss arming at 0.80% with 0.15% loss, enabling Use Trailing Stop Loss only and Only Sell with profit.
- At least 2 DCA levels at every 4 or 8 hours with 2.5% trigger. Tripple Down preferred.

Enjoy this strategy for free. If you have any questions, fell free to contact @CryptoQualitySignals on Telegram.

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