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AL3X 8D - Coinbase Advance Signal Template

AL3X 8D - Coinbase Advance Signal Template

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This template has one or more paid products configured. You will need to purchase these products too, to get the template working correctly.

Please use this Template on paper account first to see how it all works before trading on live account. Please note the use of this template on a live account is at the users risk, I use a modified version of this template to suit my own needs, so please dont think this is how it should be indefinitely and please adjust it to suit your own needs. Just do so on a paper account first.

Template to use on Coinbase Advance Exchange - Using the Busine$$ Bear Signals

This template is designed for Balances of $2000 and using 75 coins (Hero Sub) please adjust the max balance allowed to suit your account and remove any coins to go down to your subscription level

Config Pool to Disable buys of coins that move differently to other coins (feel free to add any coin you do not like to this list)

Triggers that follow BTC on Bitavo (seems to work better for now!), using a "Buy Low, Sell High" Motto - please disable these if you want to buy and sell no matter what BTC is doing

DCA set at 25% each time with a max 7 times, to average in should your position go lower - Please note the Minimum Buy for Coinbase Advance is $2 so Minimum original buy is $8 to allow the first 25% DCA. This template uses $25 as the first buy ( please adjust the max open positions to reflect how many 7 x DCA positions you can afford) - Each position will have max $119.21 when DCA x 7 so reflect this is the maximum positions allowed in your base config.

This Template uses Trailing stop Loss as a sell trigger, but please adjust this if you want larger or smaller profits or even disable this if you want to use a standard Take profit.

This does not have a stop loss, but please feel free to add one if you would like.

The signals do have a sell signal inside, so you can use the sell signals instead of Trailing stop loss/TP/ Stop loss/DCA if you wish. Please run this on Paper trading first to get an idea of what this would look like before Trading on Live account


The provider shall not be responsible for and disclaims all liability for any loss, liability or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered by you, as a result of or which may be attributable, directly or indirectly, to your use of this Template provided.
Investments are speculative and involve high degrees of risk. You risk losing all or a substantial amount of your investment. You should carefully use this Template under paper trading conditions rigorously before applying it to your real funds and consult with external, professional advisors, before investing. The past trading performance of this Template provided herein is not indicative or a guarantee of future results.
I am not a registered investment advisor. The services and information I offer do not constitute personal investment advice. No representation is being made that any coin will or is likely to achieve trading profits or trading losses, as predictions by their very nature are distinct from guarantees
You must trade at your own risk and take sole responsibility to evaluate all information provided by this website.


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This template has the following signals configured. You need to subscribe to these signals (in case of paid signals), for this template to work correctly.

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