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Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot


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Telegram Bot

Want to manage your bot on Telegram? With the official Cryptohopper Telegram Bot (@CryptohopperBot) you can view your hoppers, buy and sell, and get notified of anything that happens with your hoppers.

Start now!

Search for @CryptohopperBot in Telegram and type /start to @CryptohopperBot to start using the Telegram Bot.

Go to the Cryptohopper Telegram Bot

Commands List:

/start - Connect the Cryptohopper bot to your Cryptohopper account

/buy - Create a new buy order

/disablehopper - Disable selected hopper

/enablehopper - Enable current selected hopper

/gethopper - Get my current selected hopper

/help - Show bot Commands help

/logout - Logout

/myhoppers - Show all hoppers and click on them for more options

/openorders - Show all of your open positions of the current hopper

/positions - Show all of your positions of the selected hopper

/price - Get the price of a coin in your base currency for the selected hopper.

/sellposition - Create a new sell order for position

/webhook - Show my notifications settings in Telegram

For exact command help type: /help

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