On Balance Volume (OBV)

The OBV is a momentum and volume indicator. It combines price and volume in its calculation, and is represented with a line at the bottom of the chart. This indicator can give crucial insights into the volume of a market. It will rise once the volume and price are increasing hand in hand. However, as soon as the price starts going down, the line will decrease since it assumes that the volume is more likely to be supply. We can conclude that every time that the OBV line increases, the volume is pushing the price up, which can be used to generate buy signals. On the other hand, when it decreases, the price is losing momentum and it is likely to go down, which can give a selling opportunity. In order to generate buy and sell signals, we added a moving average to the OBV. In this way, when the OBV crosses its moving average upwards, it means that the price and volume are increasing and a buy signal is generated. Likewise, when the OBV line crosses downward its moving average, the price is starting to fall and the indicator sneds a sell signal. You can find this indicator in TradingView by typing "Cryptohopper OBV".



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