Copy Bot Seller Interview - NE0NBLACK
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Copy Bot Seller Interview - NE0NBLACK

In this blog, we ask questions to a successful Copy Bot Marketplace Seller on Cryptohopper. Discover why his Copy Bots are successful and how you can learn more about NEONBLACK's Copy Bots.

Why are your Copy Bots so successful?

I believe that Crypto represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for generational wealth and a fair monetary system for the people. That's why I was deeply committed to making it work and maximizing its potential while prioritizing safety to avoid losing its gains.

I experienced ups and downs and reached a point where I considered giving up. Driven by a strong belief that success was possible, I felt frustrated with myself for not finding the right answers.

However, I persisted. It involved extensive observation, testing, trial and error. Strategies, templates, triggers. Individual and in conjunction. The breakthrough occurred when I challenged traditional methods and experimented with new approaches.

Success relies on several factors, including continuous market monitoring, evaluation, and adaptation – a process that demands diligence. Patience is among the most critical components. The trading style's full potential is gradually realized over time, initially going largely unnoticed.

Are you developing more Copy Bots?

Currently, MPBG is still relatively new to the market and is undergoing continuous improvements. It originated from my personal account, with friends and family joining in. After a trial period, I released it to the public as a Copy Bot.

I started a Discord, and the number of copiers kept growing. It became evident that we were generating a significant volume, which negatively affected the order book much sooner than I had anticipated, potentially causing losses for some copiers.

To address this, I had to limit subscriptions and transition to larger coins to stabilize profits for everyone.

To reach a wider audience, I am expanding to different exchanges. Once we achieve consistent results, I may consider increasing the subscriber limit again.

Regarding additional Copy Bots, MPGB aligns closely with my original vision and fulfills its intended purpose. While there is room for improvement and optimization, I am currently developing another bot for a different purpose, as time permits.

What should users of your Copy Bots know about them?

First and foremost, crypto trading carries inherent risks, hence the age-old adage: "Don’t invest what you're not prepared to lose". With my particular trading style, effective risk management is paramount, and I have implemented autonomous measures to respond appropriately.

Nevertheless, market dips and crashes are inevitable occurrences. Through my own experience, I've learned that I do not sell at a loss unless under extraordinary circumstances. Often, it is less stressful and time-consuming to maintain a losing position rather than selling at a loss and attempting to trade back up.

Consequently, the bot may remain inactive for extended periods, sometimes weeks, awaiting a position's recovery. This may appear daunting, but I firmly believe that positions eventually rebound. Fingers crossed.

How can interested Cryptohopper users get in touch with you?

I aim to provide comprehensive information in the marketplace descriptions to offer users a thorough understanding. Additionally, my Discord server functions as an information hub, housing tutorials, FAQs, and shared user experiences. It boasts an active community that offers assistance, and I'm readily available there as well.

Discord serves as the primary platform for communication and discussion about my Copy Bots. It is the place to be.

How can users indicate on which exchanges they would like to see your Copy Bots?

I aspire to include the most popular exchanges and increase subscriber limits to ensure that nobody is left behind if there is sufficient demand. Feedback on demand can be shared on Discord. I'm confident that everyone can find a suitable exchange for their needs.

However, regulatory restrictions and economic limitations on exchanges may pose challenges. It's unproductive if the market cannot fulfill the promise due to these constraints.

How is the support for Copy Bots on Cryptohopper?

MPGB has demonstrated excellent performance on Cryptohopper and its first exchange. However, the subsequent roll-out happened when that exchange encountered technical glitches that garnered media attention.

Often, such errors are not attributable to the bot or Cryptohopper, but rather stem from issues related to exchange availability or limitations. Unfortunately, this is a situation that only the exchange can address.

Right now, all bots run great, but they have to build up a profit buffer to reflect the true realized gains with the recent dip. In a complex system, it's challenging to anticipate every eventuality. Each market and user is unique, and unforeseen circumstances may trigger unintended behavior for some.

These situations cannot always be simulated or recreated. However, Cryptohopper promptly investigates causes and remedies for any issues that arise. Similarly, if users report issues within my sphere of influence, I will do my utmost to resolve them.

What are your future plans on Cryptohopper?

My priority is to expand MPGB to more exchanges and accommodate more subscribers. Once this is achieved and running smoothly, I aim to identify potential optimizations that may be beyond my control.

Over the years, I've gathered numerous ideas to maximize yield and streamline processes using functions not currently available on Cryptohopper. Meanwhile, I will continue to develop the brand and foster community engagement through various enjoyable activities. Additionally, I have a simulation running for the new bot I mentioned earlier, which is part of my ongoing efforts.

Would you like to learn more about NE0NBLACK's Copy Bots? Then check out his Copy Bots page and other services in the Cryptohopper Marketplace. The newest Copy Bots are created for Bitvavo, Crypto.com and Binance US.

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