Step 1

Register your
Cryptohopper account.

Registering is easy. You just need a username, email adress and password, and within moments you have an account already set-up with your very own simulator to experience the hopper risk free.


Step 2

the Quick tour!

Navigate a quick introduction with a papertrading hopper. This hopper will not be using real money, as it is not connected to an exchange yet.

Instead, it will be simulating a hopper connected to Binance, gaining Bitcoin for you.

Navigate the quick tour to get a feel for the platform. See all the things Cryptohopper can do for you and practice trading with the simulator.


Step 3

Are you ready,
young grasshopper?

Creating a hopper on Cryptohopper is a piece of cake. Even if you do not have the technical know-how you can simply go to the marketplace and select any template, signaller or strategy to apply to your very own hopper.

When you've got an awesome configuration, it's time to apply it to your exchange account and turn those simulated profits into actual profits in the next step.


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