Get started in 3 easy steps 

One of the things that makes Cryptohopper so safe and convenient, is that we don't store your funds.
You pick an exchange you trust, and you give us the permission to trade on that exchange account.

1) Choose your exchange

We are compatible with Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase PRO, Kraken, Cryptopia, Poloniex and Kucoin. More exchanges are expected to follow soon.
We have a seperate tutorial per exchange on how to get you hopping as fast as possible.

First, you have to create an account with one of the exchanges. After you have been successfully verified, you will need to create an API key (two if you work with Kraken).

This API key makes it possible for the Hopper to trade on your behalf on your account. 

Then when you've got the API key, you're going to need to post it in your hopper.

Make sure your account is funded with the currency you're planning to trade with. Most common is: Euro, Dollar or BTC.

IMPORTANT: Do not give the API key withdrawal permissions! We only want trading permission and the permission to see your funds. In the very unlikely event that your hopper is hacked, your funds are safe, since the hopper can't withdraw funds to an external wallet.

2) Register your Cryptohopper account. 

Next you'll have to register for an account. Once in, you'll see your hopper dashboard. 

In this dashboard, you'll be able to create as many Hoppers as you would like. However,
every Hopper needs a separate subscription and trades on your exchange account.

Choose a template that corresponds with the exchange you have picked, or create one from scratch.

Once you've successfully created a Hopper, go to the config tab, Copy the public and private API key from your exchange account, and if needed the passphrase (Coinbase PRO), and paste it in your config. Click save.

3) Set up your config 

The next and most important step is configuring your Hopper. The basic template comes with example settings, but remember that this is not a guarantee for profit, there is no set answer. Market conditions determine the best configuration, and you need to find out what config would work best, given these conditions.

There are two ways your hopper can buy your chosen coins. Either you can subscribe to a signaler, who will tell your hopper to buy, or you can let your Technical analysis tell your hopper when to buy. Read more on this in the config tab. 

Most importantly, you need to do your homework. Read the forum, question base, join the Discord, jump in a Facebook group and do everything you can to educate yourself. Your hopper is a reflection of your trading style! 

Once these steps are complete, you'll be hopping automatically 24/7!


What do I do with existing positions on the exchange?

You may already have been trading on your exchange. If this is the case, you can either synchronize your existing positions to your Cryptohopper, or leave them out of the hopper's control.

CH will leave these positions alone as long as you do not turn auto-sync on, or synchronize these positions manually,

If you do synchronize these positions you can also select them and press ''hold'', and your hopper will keep them until you manually sell. In order to see the correct percentage profit, you will have to look up the rate at which you bought these positions on your exchange's trade history, and fill in this rate when you synchronize the position.


Happy Hopping!