Engines of Fury: delivering a first of a kind top-down extraction shooter & RPG gaming experience

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Embrace an immersive & addictive gameplay with seamless crypto elements unlocking new levels of adrenaline, gameplay & earning opportunities.

Backed by EA Games co-founder Jeff Burton and Michael Zink, a former VP of Emerging Technologies at Warner Bros.

Powered by BNB Chain, Immutable, and Polygon.

What is FURY?

Engines of Fury is a thrilling top-down extraction shooter game set in a stark, post-apocalyptic dystopia overrun by mutants, where players must brave danger and hardships to survive. Engines of Fury’s mission is to create a one-of-a-kind, unparalleled quality gaming experience and to onboard millions of players, seamlessly introducing crypto benefits as an optional choice for gameplay enhancement.

Making it simple for all players to jump into the game, Engines of Fury’s crypto aspects serve as a bonus, not a must.

Engines of Fury’s Gameplay and Advantages

Engines of Fury is a top-down extraction shooter set on a harsh alternate Earth where a mutagenic virus carried by a meteor impact turned flora and fauna against humanity. Players attempt to thrive in a brutal, narrative-driven world as they customize their hideout with scavenged parts found while hunting.As they build increasingly powerful armor and weapons, they will face deadly mutagenic monsters. Healing is scarce and survival requires finding extraction points before the mutants end them. Death can cost them everything they’ve gathered and everything they carried with them on their Raid.

Missions in Engines of Fury will be the main driver of the narrative. While they will mostly be given within the confines of their hideouts, the missions themselves will always require the player to venture outside to be completed. There will be several predetermined types of objectives the players will be given to complete. These missions include, but are not limited to: fetch missions, kill missions, protecting an area from enemies, sealing wall breaches, investigating a missing scout, etc. These create cyclical but addictive risk and reward loops while advancing the narrative. Specific gameplay features in Engines of Fury include: 1) Scavenging mechanics – Scavenging is the primary way players acquire crafting materials or equipment; 2) PvP mode – Players are not alone when scavenging for loot, as other players may raid the location, leading to potential PvP combat and item pickup; 3) Co-op mode – In addition to playing solo, players will also be able to embark on co-op adventures by forming squads. Up to 4 players can join together to explore a location.

Beyond the classic game elements, Engines of Fury also offers several Web3 gaming features as core advantages: 1) NFT mining and trading – Players can explore resources and mine unique NFTs to enhance their role’s capabilities and appearance. These NFTs can be freely traded on the Engines of Fury marketplace and other compatible platforms. 2) Play-to-earn mechanic – Players can earn the game currency, which can be converted into income in the real world. Tokenization of the main game currency and furious level NFTs allows players absolute control over their digital assets. 3) Skill-based rewards – Top players are rewarded with FURY based on leaderboard rankings, achievements, and in-game activities; 4) Limited NFT presale – Special, limited-edition NFTs will be offered during Engines of Fury’s NFT presale event; 5) Cross-game interoperability – Engines of Fury collaborates with other high-quality projects, aiming to achieve asset interoperability in the future, expanding the game’s possibilities and community engagement.

FURY is a single deflationary token powering the entire Engines of Fury universe

The project’s native token is FURY, with a total supply of 120 million. The token allocation is as follows: 18.75% for private sale (5% unlocked at TGE with 4-month cliff and 20-month linear unlock), 3.24% for KOLs, 2.08% for public, 6.00% for advisory/partners, 20.00% for liquidity, 10% for the team, 20.00% for marketing/ecosystem, and 19.93% for development/treasury. Engines of Fury is powered by BNB Chain, and audited by Certik.

Utility of FURY in mining includes:

  1. Paying fees for minting characters, special items, and hideouts into NFTs.

  2. Paying fees for rerolling stats or fusing several NFTs into 1 of higher quality/rarity.

  3. NFT presales & special edition items and/or item packs.

  4. Accessing a higher tier of tournament/leaderboard rewards.

  5. Staking FURY in-game for the Battle Pass & cosmetic perks.

Closing Thought

Engines of Fury is a well-crafted game that is on par with traditional Web2 games, while skillfully incorporating various blockchain mechanics. The engaging and fun game helps attract a huge flow of Web2 users, who can then be further introduced to Web3 through the game’s tokenomics.

Engines of Fury are advised by EA Games Co-founder Jeff Burton & former VP at Warner Bros Emerging technologies Michael Zink. According to its official whitepaper, the project completed its global public co-op system release and testing in Q2 2024, and plans to launch on top storefronts with Season 1 in Q4 2024. The release of Engines of Fury is expected to reshape the GameFi landscape.

HTX Learn: Learn About Engines of Fury to Earn FURY Tokens

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