PIP Reforms Micropayments on Social Media; Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Set to Delay

2023년 3월 3일 2 분 읽기
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PIP is the native token of a web3 payment solution project PIP, which offers a suite of payment products through a web browser extension. Users can link their social media accounts such as Twitter with PIP, sending and receiving supported cryptocurrency without the need for support from third parties. PIP has focused on a niche market, where it explores how to integrate social media with web3 better. Its community-focused tokenomics will distribute 69% of the total supply to the community in the form of staking rewards and ecosystem services. That said, PIP may face cut-throat competition from web2 players in the field of blockchain-enabled micropayments.

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The widely anticipated Ethereum Shanghai upgrade is to be delayed from mid-March to early April. The latest developer call on Thursday discussed a couple of minor issues from the Sepolia testnet upgrade. Developers also expect more issues to be uncovered as public validators have been testing on the testnet. As such, the final testnet Goerli will be scheduled on mid-March and the official upgrade will likely be a few weeks later than initially planned.

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