Lesley O’Neill Joins Binance.US as Chief Compliance Officer

2024년 1월 4일 2 분 읽기
뉴스 기사 배너 이미지

Lesley brings nearly 15 years of experience related to regulatory and privacy compliance, information security, and identity verification and authentication to Binance.US.

Prior to joining the company, Lesley served as Chief Compliance Officer at Prove Identity, Inc., a digital identity verification platform for banks, financial services companies, insurance providers, and e-commerce merchants, among other industries. As CCO, she successfully built and managed Prove’s global compliance program, including support with product design and oversight of regulatory compliance, data privacy, information security assurance, and risk management processes and procedures. Additionally, most recently during her tenure, Lesley served as interim General Counsel, where she presided over Prove’s legal program.

“Lesley is an expert in the fraud and identity space with a proven track record of developing and overseeing robust compliance and legal functions,” said Norman Reed, Interim CEO of Binance.US. “Her experience partnering with crypto companies to enhance their AML and KYC processes at Prove, as well as her work in traditional financial services at Ernst & Young, will be exceptionally valuable as we continue to uphold the highest standards of compliance, safety, and security on our platform.”

“It is incredibly exciting to join Binance.US at this important time for the company and digital asset industry,” said Lesley O’Neill. “I look forward to earning and maintaining the trust of our customers and regulators by building upon the company’s strong foundation of compliance and deepening its commitment to accountability and transparency.”

Prior to Prove, Lesley served as Global Privacy Counsel at Ernst & Young, where she helped implement and administer EY’s global data protection and privacy program. She previously worked in Security Assurance & Privacy Compliance at Milbank LLP and served as Global Policy Program Lead at Bloomberg LP.

Lesley holds a bachelor’s degree from New York University and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from New York Law School.

Welcome to the team, Lesley!

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