Change Log: Version 1.68

2023년 3월 29일 3 분 읽기
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Version 1.68


  • Updated Paper Trading labels and their symbols to yellow and added a link to the knowledge base article in  the Paper Trade ribbon

  • Updated to add a copy icon for saving API Key values

  • Updated to add block customer function by admin in Bitfinex Pulse


  • Updated the Credit/Debit Card ‘Continue” button to display a redirecting-to-third-party screen when loading

  • Updated the Credit/Debit Cards crypto and fiat ‘Amount’ fields’ conversion behaviour so, both reflect the change in input

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Pie Chart tooltip label

  • Fixed the Order Book colours when in the loading state

  • Fixed the Order form top menu overflow issue

  • Fixed the issue of order lines, positions and alerts becoming hidden when loading a previously saved layout

  • Fixed Limit Orders text overlapping with dialogue issue

  • Fixed Market Watch dropdown menu items rendering issue

  • Fixed to add missing translations for results from the Search bar

  • Fixed the need to refresh the page to perform a consecutive cryptocurrency withdrawal

  • Fixed a max amount value rounding issue for Tether withdrawals

  • Fixed the USD equivalent slider-synchronised calculation on Lightning Network deposits

  • Fixed fiat currency symbols on bank transfer withdrawals

  • Small visual fixes to the smart contract notice on ETH cryptocurrency deposits

  • Fixed an issue with the address list not showing after refresh and ‘back’ navigation on QR code in cryptocurrency deposits

  • Fixed an issue of template options not being updated after a new template is saved

  • Fixed the ‘min’ limit visualised on OpenPayd bank transfer deposits

  • Fixed small navigational issues on Tether withdrawals

  • Fixed inability to complete XRP withdrawal form having a whitelisted tagless address

  • Fixed character validation on OpenPayd postcode

  • Fixed the Lightning Network withdrawal QR code scanner to auto-fill the withdrawal form

  • Fixed the text colour for OpenPayd bank instruction fields

  • Fixed an issue on the withdrawal USD equivalent amount field and prevented ‘e’ notation for large amounts

  • Fixed the disabled currencies withdrawals so that the proper notice appears when attempted

  • Fixed the help link with Tether information in the Tether deposit modal

  • Fixed to avoid the Tipping switch showing “0” in the edit profile UI for Bitfinex Pulse

  • Fixed to redirect the customer to the profile feed when clicking “View on full page”

  • Fixed to disable the public post button for unverified customers of Bitfinex Pulse

  • Fixed the issue of some hyperlinks not being clickable in Bitfinex Pulse

The Bitfinex APIs are designed to allow complete access to the features provided by Bitfinex. Learn more about our API documentation here.

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