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Bitcoin Resilient Despite Low Fed Rate Cut Expectations

2024년 2월 15일 2 분 읽기
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While expectations for a Federal Reserve rate cut remain low, risky assets such as Bitcoin continue to demonstrate resilience, according to insights from analysts.

Following the release of the U.S. consumer price index report for January, which revealed varied price movements across sectors, Bitcoin experienced moderate losses. The report highlighted increases in prices for health and utilities, attributed to a tight labor market, while certain categories like food and apparel saw declines as consumer behavior normalized post-holidays.

Response of Bitcoin to the CPI Report

Bitcoin briefly dipped from $50,000 to approximately $48,800 following the release of the CPI figures, as traders adjusted expectations for the timing of a potential rate cut by the Fed. However, the decline was short-lived, as the prices pushed past $51,000.

Oliver Rust, head of product at Truflation, noted that despite the modest pullback in Bitcoin, risk assets continued to behave as if a rate cut in March remained plausible, despite contrary market expectations. Rust highlighted that until economic data softens, rate cuts are unlikely until May or June, suggesting that markets may have adapted to the prospect of prolonged higher interest rates.

Notably, prediction markets, such as Polymarket, indicate a significant probability of Bitcoin reaching an all-time high in 2024. Additionally, there is a strong likelihood that Bitcoin will achieve this milestone before Ethereum, reflecting market sentiment and expectations.

Looking Ahead: Despite the uncertainty surrounding Fed rate cut expectations, Bitcoin and other risky assets persist in demonstrating resilience. As market participants navigate evolving economic conditions, the outlook for Bitcoin's performance remains optimistic, with prediction markets indicating the potential for new all-time highs in the near future.


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