Publishing an app in the marketplace


Finally have your app working properly and you want other people to be able to use it too? Make your app public by publishing it to the app marketplace.

Is your app ready?

Did you properly test your app? Is your app working and ready to be used by other users? Then you can start the app review process. But before you request a review of your app, make sure the you have checked the following things on the checklist:


  • You entered a proper name and description.
    A proper name consists of a short and descriptive name, or the name of your company/service. Try to avoid adding keywords to the name field, for example: The BEST crypto prices app. Instead of this, name it: Crypto prices.
  • The app image is of a high quality
    This should speak for itself, but still we need to mention this because sometimes people still scale up a 30 pixel by 30 pixel image, and all we see is pixels. Make sure to add a nice high quality image.
  • The website url leads to a valid website
    We prefer a unique website for your app, but if you do not have a website just leave the field empty. If a website is entered, it should point to a valid website which is corresponds to the app.
  • The permissions are correct
    Double check your app permissions, which you should already have done when testing your app. If you are not using manage, trade or email permissions, do not enable these permissions. When manage, trade or email permissions are enabled, we will be extra careful and picky on approving your app, so if you're not using them, leave them unchecked.
  • The app has been properly tested
    As said before, make sure your app is thoroughly checked and tested.
  • The app is not a signaller
    If your app is just for sending buy and sell signals to hoppers just like a signaller would, then your app will not be accepted in the review process. If you just want to send signals, you should become a signaller on Cryptohopper.
  • The app does not perform anything illegal
    If your app is performing anything illegal, we will report you to the authorities. So make sure your app is not breaking any laws.

Requesting app review

When you have completed the checklist and you are ready for your app to be reviewed, then you can request an app review from the apps page. Select the app you wish to request an app review for and click on the tab: App review. Here you will see the checklist again, make sure to check all boxes of the checklist. Do you want your app to be visible in the marketplace? If the answer is yes, make sure to select this option, otherwise your app will stay invisible on the Cryptohopper platform.

In the last step, before you can request the app review, you need to give us a very good reason why we should approve your app. We are very careful with allowing apps on our platform, to protect our users. Without a very good reason for approving your app, we immediately deny your app. So make sure to take your time to convince us, before clicking on the Request app review button.

App in review

After you have requested the app review, we will look into your app, test your app and see if it is working properly and not breaking any rules. If we have any questions regarding your app, we will contact you on the contact email provided in your developer profile. The duration of the app review can differ between 24 hours and 14 days, depending on how busy we are, how complicated the app is, how much impact the app would have, and many other reasons.

App denied?

Has your app not been approved? This can be for multiple reasons. You will receive an email with details on why your app has been denied. Read this very carefully, because here we will exactly say what the issues with your app are, and why we could not approve your app. Make sure to correct any issues before requesting a new review.

App approved?

Congratulations! Now you are ready to start promoting your app to other users. Should your app be visible in the marketplace? Then visit the app marketplace now, because your app is in there! Now make sure your app keeps on working properly, keep maintaining your app codes, answer support questions and help all your app users to get the best app experience out of your app. Good luck!