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Get started using the Cryptohopper API

Cryptohopper provides an API that allows users and developers to interact with our platform and create apps to extend and improve your trading experience in the crypto market. You can now extend tasks like placing orders, creating new trading bots and strategies, by building your own apps.

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What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Just like our dashboard where you can log in, create trading bots, place buy or sell orders and perform many other tasks, an API provides another interface to perform these tasks.
In the dashboard, you would do that by clicking buttons, filling in fields with required values, flipping switches and then clicking some more buttons to save your changes. In an API you do the same by placing a request to one of our API URL endpoints.

For example: you can create a new trading bot in our dashboard by clicking the “New” button, filling in your exchange details and then saving your changes. You can do the same with our API by calling the create Hopper endpoint like this with a POST request.
Along with that URL call, you will need to pass along the data you would normally fill out in the create new trading bot form. We will show you how to interact with our endpoints in later steps. Or if you want to, you can start exploring our API reference.

This way of interacting with Cryptohopper allows you to create your own apps and interfaces to expand your trading experience. In the next step you will learn how you can get access to our API.


Why develop apps for Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper has a big and loving community who come up with many new feature requests and ideas for the Cryptohopper platform. By developing apps for Cryptohopper you can tap immediately into this community and get your app adopted quickly.


How to Get Started

In order to access our API resources and be able to create apps, you must first have a Cryptohopper account and be registered as a developer. Once you have your Cryptohopper account, log in into our website, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the Developers link at the bottom. From here you will be able to apply as a developer and start developing your own apps on top of Cryptohopper.

Become a developer Manage your apps