After the burning starts, users can check the relative changes of computing power on the Pool-X burning page. (All times for this event refer to the UTC time zone)

The rules are as follows:

1. The calculation method during DAO Burning Acceleration Period:

1)User Initial Allocation after staking = F

2)Accelerating Coefficient by burning DAO = V

3)Single User Final Allocation after burning DAO = F’

4)F’ = (V+1) F

5)V = 0.18452 * arctan (1900 * ε - 2.08) + 0.207166085

6)ε = Amount of the DAO user burns/F

After taking the Accelerating Coefficient into account,

User Final Allocation of LOCG = Total Amount of LOCG/ Overall Final Allocation * F’

2. After the Burning Acceleration Period ends, the staking period will start. 33% of LOCG rewards will be distributed to the Pool-X account for the first time on May 3, 2021, 33% will be distributed in the following month, and 34% will be distributed in the third month.

Web Burning Page

App Burning Page

Thanks for your support!

The Pool-X Team