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COMB Distribution Coefficient11245
KCS Staking Hard CapNo Hard Cap2,000,000 KCS2,000,000 KCS
Subscription Period2020/10/17 20:00:00 - 2020/10/19 20:00:00
Staking Period 2020/10/22 00:00:00
2020/11/21 00:00:00           
2020/10/22 00:00:00
2021/01/20 00:00:00         
2020/10/22 00:00:00
2021/04/20 00:00:00         
Burning Acceleration Period2020/10/19 20:00:00 - 202010/21 20:00:00
COMB Distribution2020/11/03 12:00:00

Introduction of COMBO:

COMBO (COMB) is a decentralized protocol developed based on the KuChain public chain, including liquid mining protocol, synthetic asset issuance protocol, staking, decentralized oracle network and other protocols. The COMBO project provides a decentralized financial aggregation layer, so that traditional financial assets, including legal fiat, commodities, and stocks, can be seamlessly connected to the chain through blockchain technology. COMBO(COMB) is completely decentralized and exempted from qualification so to allow all users to easily participate and improve the easy-to-use on chain solution channel of traditional financial assets.

COMBO Official Website: https://www.comboos.com

White Paper: click to view


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2. Users confirm that participating in this activity is voluntary, and the KuCoin Group has not forced, interfered with, or influenced the user's decision in any way.

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