1.In the Subscription Period, users can lock their KCS into 3 different Staking Products;

2.After the closure of the Subscription Period, users can calculate their “Initial Allocation” of COMB according to the overall staking amount of KCS in the pool;

3.Stepping into the Accelerating Period, users will get an “Accelerating Coefficient”, based on which “Final Allocation” of COMB will be calculated;

4. After the Accelerating Period, users will get the actual amount of COMB calculated by a certain algorithm of the “Initial Allocation”, “Accelerating Coefficient” and “Final Allocation”.

Users need to know:

1) The total amount of COMB is 225,000,000.

2) Users choose different Staking Products to stake the corresponding quantity of KCS, where COMB will be distributed according to the Distribution Coefficient related to the total staking amount. 

COMB Distribution Coefficient11245
KCS Staking Hard CapNo Hard Cap2,000,000 KCS2,000,000 KCS
Subscription Period2020/10/17 20:00:00-2020/10/19 20:00:00
Staking Period 2020/10/22 00:00:00
2020/11/21 00:00:00           
2020/10/22 00:00:00
2021/01/20 00:00:00         
2020/10/22 00:00:00
2021/04/20 00:00:00         
Burning Acceleration Period2020/10/19 20:00:00 - 202010/21 20:00:00
COMB Distribution2020/11/03

Calculation Method:

1.If the total COMB distribution quantity corresponding to the overall KCS staking amount is less than or equal to 225,000,000 COMB, then:

User’s Initial Allocation = ∑(Individual KCS staking amount in the chosen Staking Product * certain Distribution Coefficient)

e.g. Alice staked 1,000,000 KCS in the KCS-30 section and 50,000 KCS in the KCS-120 section, meaning Alice’s Initial Allocation will be:

1,000,000 KCS x 1 + 50,000 KCS x 12 = 1,600,000

2. Starting from 2020/10/19 20:00:00 - 2020/10/21 20:00:00 (UTC+8), the event enters into the Accelerating Period, where users can increase their Initial Allocation by burning POL. The rules are as follows:

  • User Initial Allocation = F
  • Accelerating Coefficient by burning POL = V
  • User Final Allocation after burning POL = F’
  • F’ = (V+1) F
  • V = 0.18542 * arctan (17 * ε - 2.08) + 0.207166085
  • ε = Amount of the POL user burns/F

After taking the Accelerating Coefficient into account,User Final Allocation of COMB = F’

3. After the Accelerating Period ends, COMB will be distributed to the respective participants on 2020/11/03 (UTC+8).