We built Bittrex with a focus on security and ingenuity, imagining a place where people could feel confident and excited about their trades. As we visualize where our platform will go next, it’s important to us that our identity captures these ideals and re-energizes our brand, inside and out.

Changing perspectives

Our first step was research. Through interviews with founders, employees and customers, we listened to what you had to say, and we learned a lot about ourselves. 

This exploration led us to define Bittrex by how the company has turned complicated trading systems into functional harmony through an exchange where new tech finds a foothold. We’ve created safety and reliability and an expectation that bulletproof security is the foundation of a strong exchange. 

Translating the complexity 

Staking this claim allows us to be bold while preserving the freedom to be nimble. Our attitude is enthusiastic with an approach that’s sophisticated. 

So, in our new logo, you’ll see a bit (a unit of information, a building block) set off by a set of dynamic arrows (expanding perspectives, symbolizing movement). The bit is Bittrex, our reputation of leading with wisdom and insight. The arrows are our leadership and their decisiveness about the company’s direction in this industry. 

Combining these two symbols is what holistically encompasses our spirit as a brand. In the center is a protected block, surrounded by and grounding the arrows. The entire symbol evokes motion while keeping a laser-sharp focus on the potential of blockchain technology for cryptocurrency and beyond. 

We pride ourselves in being helpful, sure-footed, secure and accessible. You’ll see this in our design and in how we engage traders. We’ve expanded and distilled our identity to translate our value as a light in the industry. We’re showing our true colors with a more inviting and eye-catching palette, a human tone in our advertising and marketing, and simpler shapes for clarity and dynamism.

Staying true

Everything you love about Bittrex is here to stay—industry-leading security and innovation in the blockchain space. We’ll just look a little different, slightly more grown up. After all, we’re 6 now.

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