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Crypto signals are sent by third party technical analysts working hard to pinpoint on-the-rise coins. Once they have spotted a promising investment, they share that knowledge with anyone subscribed to them. In the past, they would send these signals to exclusive pay-to-play crypto signal apps and users would manually buy a coin they recommend to buy.

Cryptohopper was the first to automate this process, so that if a signaler sends out a trade signal, your hopper will pick up on it instantaneously an execute a buy or sell order. 24/7.

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Crypto Signalers

Cryptohopper has 20+ crypto signaler groups already on the platform, each with performance reports of their past signals to help you pick and choose the best one for your coin. View crypto signals.

24/7 trading


Never miss out on a crypto signal when you’re sleeping, even when it’s in another time zone

Performance reports

Performance reports

Signal performance reports are kept updated to show you which one is best for your hopper.

Multiple signalers

Multiple signalers

Choose between a variety of different signalers, offering signals to different exchanges, base currencies and coins you’re interested in, and best of all, subscribe to multiple at the same time.

High tech technical analysis

High tech

Many signalers use machine learning or have teams of analysts conducting technical analysis to discover their signals.

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