The config of your Hopper is the brain of your Hopper. The decisions that your Hopper makes are all based on what you configure in the config. It may look not very easy, but it's quite simple!

There are multiple ways of configuring your Hopper.

Base config

The heart of your Hopper. What you will configure here will be applied on all positions, unless it is differently configured in the other configs. Read more

Config Pools

Once you get the hang of the configuration, you may want to set a different strategy/buy/sell settings for each coin. You can do that by creating a config pool. This overrides your base config.  Read more


Configure your signalers and what your Hopper does with the signals. This overrides your base config.  Read more 


If you want to create your custom triggers, this is the place to be! The trigger section is what makes trading with the Hopper ( trading bot ) really valuable. Read more