The first hopper CH ever released. And it is still the most used hopper today! Make sure to click on the additional buttons in the left-hand bar to go more in-depth.

This Hopper type can be used to trade in various ways.

Manual Portfolio Management

You don't necessarily need to trade automatically, simply connect it to your exchange and trade manually for free thanks to our free Pioneer package. Advice: use the advanced view to trade manually on your exchange. The positions tab helps to keep track of the positions you've bought.

Semi-Automatic Trading

Some may not feel comfortable with having a bot decide when to buy positions, that's why it's interesting to trade semi-automatic. Do your own analysis and buy using the "Advanced View". Use tools like the trailing stop-loss, trailing stop-buy, shorting and DCA to upgrade your trading style.

Full Automatic Trading

Go full automatic and use your Hopper to decide when to buy as well. There are various ways to decide when your Hopper should buy positions. Either follow a signaler, or buy/build a strategy that your Hopper will use to scan the markets. 

Automatic Exchanging

Something not a lot of users do, but did you know that you could use Cryptohopper for simply exchanging cryptocurrencies? Miners, (web)shop owners all have the same problem. They receive a lot of different cryptocurrencies and all have to exchange them themselves. Simply enable "Automatic Sync" (On your dashboard go to "Current Assets" -> click "Synchronize" and enable Auto-sync). Your Hopper will automatically create positions for all assets on your exchange, including the ones that you newly receive! Now decide how you want to sell them (-exchange for your base currency). You can automatically sell them after a certain set of time, or use a stop-loss and trailing stop-loss so you can strategically sell them with a slight profit! You can even use technical analysis to sell your positions. The options are endless! For these settings, go to your config -> Basecongif -> and check the "Selling" category.