In this tutorial, we are going to explain how you can transfer Bitcoin to your Bittrex account and how to set up your hopper.


Go to

Click "Login" in the top right corner.


Creating an account

Click "sign up" under the login button. Fill in the required details.

Please, make sure to use a reliable password. This account is where you'll store your funds, so it's very important to ensure security.

After you've clicked the sign up button, you will receive an email with an activation link. After following this link, you are a proud Bittrex customer!

And click "login" above in the right corner.


Get verified

To be able to fund your account, you will have to verify yourself. This is to prevent money laundering. 

When you're at the homepage of your account, click settings.

Click "Basic Verification", fill in all the required fields and you're done!


Deposit Bitcoin

Click "Wallet" at the top menu bar. Next, click the + sign next to Bitcoin.

Deposit your funds on the address that is shown.


Create API Key

Now we have to give your Hopper permission to trade on your behalf. This is done with an API Key.

Go to the API Key settings.

You will have to enable two-factor authentication before you're able to create API Keys.

As shown on the image, the permissions you will need to enable our "read information", 

"trade limit" and "trade". In the interest of your security as a Cryptohopper customer, we do not want withdrawal permissions! 


Configure your Hopper

Now you've created your keys, it's time to configure your Hopper. Go to your Hopper's dashboard and click Config.

Choose Bittrex as your exchange.
Fill in your API key and your API secret key.

Click "Save".


Unable to see your exchange balance?

 There are several things that prevents your hopper from synchronizing the funds of your exchange. In most cases, the browser that you use has ‘’auto-fill’’ enabled. This means that the browser fills in certain text fields themselves. There are three things you can do:

  • Disable autofill,
  • Use incognito mode of your browser
  • Use a browser that you don’t use often.

Another thing that could prevent your hopper from synchronizing are password managers, disable this for Cryptohopper.


And you're done! Check our community forum where users share their Hopper settings.

If you want more information about this subject, watch our Cryptohopper Academy video about this subject.

Happy Hopping!