List of error messages

Please find the explanation of all known errors and how to solve them. All feedback is welcome and note that we add any new solutions.

Error/issue Solution/explanation
Could not find a new target or no strategy set

- You didn't select a strategy. Select a strategy in your config. 
If you only want to trade on signals, you can select "No strategy, manual/external targets only". Your Hopper wil continue to display this message in the output, you can ignore this message.

- Your Hopper is waiting for a good moment to buy. When searching for targets, it will display this message, so you know your Hopper is searching for a good moment to buy. Sometimes with backtested config pools, your thresholds in "Multiple TA Advanced settings"  are too high. Default them, and it will be easier for your Hopper to find a new target.

Too many requests, checkpositions on: ST

This is an internal error on Binance. The Hopper is just reporting it.

The letters after checkpositions on: can change. They could be EH or FP or whatever.

It means the server is getting too many requests and is locking us out. The hopper will change server and try again.

If this error happens sporadically, ignore it. If it is constantly happening and your hopper is no longer working, please send us a support ticket.

Invalid / Disabled market error for chart data on URL:

When you change your exchange within the same template this error can sometimes come up.

Your hopper retrieves chart data from the current selected exchange. If you still have position from a different exchange, this error will show. It means your Hopper is trying to pull chart data for these old positions that can now not be retrieved. The solution is to remove these position from your hopper and use the synchronize tool to check for unsynchronized positions.

Coin temporarily unavailable at exchange.
Message: Automated Maintenance.

Sometimes the exchanges that we connect to are very busy or performing maintenance. These kind of errors are the kind of errors that pop up during those moments. Unfortunately, we at Cryptohopper do not have control over this. Usually, the exchanges fix it quickly. 

Get a cup of coffee, give it some time and allow the exchanges to fix their issue.

Minimum trade requirement not met

- Please verify your base currency

- Please check in your assets if you have enough of your base currency (Please check your exchange for the most up-to-date minimum required amount per order)

- "Total base currency (BTC, ETH, USDT) in assets on exchange", which you can see on the dashboard, reflects the total worth of your assets, not the amount of base currency.


-If you exchange's minimum is 0.01 BTC, and you fill in 0.01 BTC as the minimum, this could result in errors. Fees are subtracted when making an order. If the total is below 0.01 with fees subtracted your order cannot be made. Please set your minimum to a value slightly higher than the minimum of your exchange.

There was a http error. HTML returned when expecting JSON

This is a general message for multiple errors at the exchanges and happens when, for example Kraken returns a 504 Cloudflare page. The page returned is HTML, but we expect JSON to be returned from the API. Instead of saving the complete HTML response received from the exchange, we save this message in the log. You will also see what the hopper was trying to do, because you will see another error message. For example: Could not get balances. This means that when trying to get the balances, the HTML error page was returned and therefore the "get balances" task failed.

This error happens a lot with Kraken hoppers, but also with Bittrex and sometimes with Poloniex and Coinbase PRO. You do not have to do anything when this occurs. The hopper will keep on trying to reach the API and continue its work.

Invalid API key in your config. 

 This can either be caused by a wrong API key, or the exchange's API server is temporarily not allowing your API to connect. This is often caused by an overloaded API server receiving too many requests. If this error is sporadic, it's nothing to worry about. If you're constantly seeing this error, you should generate new API keys.

Note: Some browsers (Most notably safari) Fill out the API key fields with the password for the website automatically. If you then save your configuration, this could be causing the issue.

Coinbase PRO error: "invalid signature" method: /accounts req: 

 This error indicates your API Secret key is invalid. If you see this error you should check if you have the right secret key saved. If you copy the correct API keys and are certain they are correct, you can try to generate new API keys and use those. If this fails, please send in a support ticket.

Note: Some browsers (Most notably safari) Fill out the API key fields with the password for the website automatically. If you then save your configuration, this could be causing the issue.

Nonce must be greater than error Poloniex

Hopping on Poloniex? If you see the following error in your hoppers output: Could not get open orders: Nonce must be greater than 12345678. You provided 12345677. Then make a new set of API keys and update your config with the new set of keys. Also make sure you use a separate set of API keys just for Cryptohopper. 

Exchange error: ["EGeneral:Invalid arguments:volume"] method: AddOrder req:XXX

Errors that look like this indicate your hopper is trying to buy a position with the wrong volume. This could be too little for this specific pair, or it could be a wrong amount of decimal points. If you encounter this error please submit an support ticket so we can rectify this issue. 

Error placing buy order, data: {"orderNumber":null}

This means you do not have enough funds to place the buy order. First check if your base currency is set correctly. If that is not the issue, you can solve this error either by synching existing positions, or by adding funds to your account.

Could not get balances

This error indicates that there might be a temporary outting in either the exchange or on Cryptohopper. The error should resolve itself fairly quickly.

Cancelling order for XXX, taking too long. Type: buy/sell id: 

Your hopper is unable to buy or sell your order within the time period configured in your config. This can be caused by percentage higher bid/lower ask that are too high, a too short buy/sell period, or the market is highly volatile/low volume. 

Binance error. Code: -1000 Message: An unknown error occured while processing the request.

Unfortunately it is not on Cryptohopper's side, so we can not fix it. Through this code Binance is telling us they are experiencing an unknown issue. Their team will get notifications and they will fix this as soon as possible.
Linked to my exchange, but nothing happens

Did you follow all the steps but still it looks like nothing is happening? Check the steps underneath to find the problem. 

- Check correct API keys. Have you double checked if you filled in the right API public and secret key? Check if there is whitespace around the API keys and if the API keys are correct. Re-enter them just to be sure. You can try to generate a new public/secret key as well.
If you filled in a wrong API key, your Hopper gives the following error:2017-08-21 16:21:30 UTC - ERROR - Could not get open orders: Invalid API key/secret pair.
- Does your hopper has a balance in the currency which you selected as base currency in your hoppers configuration? Check if there are enough funds on your exchange account.
- Is your Hopper/buying/selling enabled? Look in you Hopper dashboard on the right.

- Is live bot turned on? Make sure it is turned on if you want trades to be made.

I've set everything up correctly, but nothing is happening.

Have you only just started? It can take a while for your hopper to start working. This is because it first needs to synchronize with the exchange. Please allow a few hours for the hopper to sync, especially if you're not getting errors but your balance is not showing. 

You've waited for a bit, don't get specific errors, and still nothing happens? Follow the steps below.
Using only external signals? Please check the pointers below.

- If you have a Starter or Medium subscription, the hopper will only buy the coins selected in your config. Select more coins to alleviate the issue, or allow more time for a signal to arrive for one of your selected coins.

- With a Pro subscription, you can use all coins. To select all coins, navigate to config --> external signals --> configure

- Using TA (technical analysis) strategy? From our experience we have noticed most Hoppers that seem to not do anything have their advanced TA settings set too conservatively. Use this link to learn more about how to setup your advanced TA settings.

I paid with crypto but nothing happened!

Is your subscription not in the active subscriptions list and have you paid with BTC or another Crypto? Give it some time. The following coins need several confirmations. 

  • BTC; 1 confirmation
  • BTH; 6 confirmations
  • DASH; 6 confirmations
  • LTC; 4 confirmations
  • XMR; 8 confirmations
  • XRP; 12 confirmations
  • ZEC; 8 confirmations
No trades are triggered, why?

An issue many of our Hoppers face when they are beginning. The next pointers are good to double check.

- Make sure you have enough of your base currency to start trading. The total in assets is not your amount of base currency but the accumulated amount of all coins. Check the amount of your base currency in your assets.

- Minimum BTC (for example) amount per order is set with an invalid amount. Please set this to the amount the exchange demands. They adjust these minimum amounts every once in a while, depending on the price fluctuation in the market. Please check with the exchanges for the most up-to-date minimum order requirements. For some exchanges, the Minimum amount is different on the exchange than it is for the API server.

- Make sure your TA settings are correct. Some of our customers set their strategy very conservative, and are then surprised the hopper is not making any buys. If you want a conservative TA strategy, don't expect too many trades!