Troubleshooting and errors

Our development team is there to avoid and fix any inconveniences as well as implement new features. We therefore greatly appreciate all of your feedback. 

Please note however that most errors reported by your hopper are harmless and will not impact your trading. Please don't be alarmed. The hopper has been designed to report every action, some of which will be errors.


Your output shows in detail what your hopper is doing, and what problems it encounters. Balance errors, incorrect API keys or maybe even a flaw that you have noticed on our website (which is almost impossible in the eyes of our developers). 


Exchanges, especially the big ones we provide on the platform, might encounter some issues because of the huge amount of transactions and clients using their service. We communicate with the exchanges to check the status of these issues but are not able to fix them ourselves. 


Our signalers are supposed to send the signals through, but you might run into difficulties based on your settings, assets that are not reaching or other errors that might come from the signalers themselves. The output can explain what is happening under the hood.

External Issues

Of course, we are still dealing with the internet. This includes risks and challenges that are not related to your Hopper, exchange or signalers. You could be suffering from things like a bad internet connection, hardware malfunction or other factors. These issues will not be revealed in the output.