Trade history

The trade history is the place where you can find the outcome of your trades. 

Order ID

Here you can see the ID of your order. Clicking this number will show you more details. Send this ID in a support ticket if you have a problem with a specific order. Note that orders with ID "0" are synced either manually or automatically.


Displays the currency used.


This lists if the order is a BUY or SELL.


The date at which the asset was bought or sold.


The amount of coins in the specified currency that were bought or sold through this order.


The rate at which these coins were bought. This is the price in your base currency for 1 coin of this order.


This is the Fee that we were able to pull from the exchange paid over this order. This is very dependent on your exchange and your trading volume.


The total price paid for the asset (Rate x amount = total)


Profit percentage taken. Please note that fees are not included on this as of yet. This is because of the way we pull the fees from the exchanges, and the fact that these fees are different per exchange and per user. We are busy developing a new trade history from the ground up where we will remedy this issue.