What are signals?

Signalers are third-party groups of technical analysts. If you subscribe to one of these signalers, your hopper will buy or sell every time it receives a signal from them. So far, Cryptohopper is the only automatic trading platform to embed signalers on their platform, making trading very easy and very effective for a lot of our hoppers. 

Our signalers have performance reports, so you can see if they're active and view their signal quality. 

There are over 20 signalers to choose from within Cryptohopper. They are separated into two categories: official and unofficial. You can see this from the little checkmark. Our unofficial signalers are scanned through a telegram bot. Whenever these signalers change their formatting we have to adjust our bot. This means sometimes there will be periods where the unofficial signalers send out signals, and your hopper won't get them.

Fun fact: Signaler Coindicator, uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to screen hundreds of technical indicators 24/7 for all digital currencies and provides high-quality trading signals.

Subscribing to a signaller

Some of the signalers, like CryptoBullet, are free of charge. Coindicator and MiningHamster are paid channels. When you subscribe to their service, you have the right to use the paid subscription for all your Hoppers.

Performance reports

All signalers have performance reports. Here you can see what signals they have sent, for which pair (mostly BTC) and for which exchange. Always check the signaler's performance report to find out whether your selected coins (in the base config) receive buy and/or sell signals. 

Unsubscribing from a signaller

Please go to "Subscriptions" on the documentation to find a detailed explanation of this.