Paying with PayPal

Select PayPal in the subscription page. Log in, to pay with your PayPal balance.

Activation of your subscription

Your subscription should activate directly after completion. If you are facing any issues with the activation of your subscription, you could send a ticket to the support team, stating your PayPal email address and transaction ID (TXID).

You can close your open positions manually on the exchange. The support team always responds as fast as possible concerning payments, except on weekends and holidays.

Double payments through PayPal

When you encounter a double payment or unwished deduction the support team is happy to help you there first. Send them a ticket about the payment and they will follow up on it.

Renewal of subscriptions

All PayPal paid subscriptions will be automatically deducted every month. You are always able to cancel your automated payment plans in your PayPal account directly. Please know that the 'unsubscribe' button for signalers does not unsubscribe you from the payment plan in PayPal! It is very important to cancel it in your PayPal account, if you don't intend to activate it again later.

PayPal payment status

  1. Completed; The completed status indicated that the payment came through succesfully and activated your subscription.
  2. Pending payments; Pending payments are not received by us. When the payment is confirmed and fully received, it will automatically activate. Please contact PayPal to have a look into the issue on your account. It might have to do with insufficient balance.
  3. Suspended; Suspended payments are not received by us. The suspended payments are mostly for accounts that are under review with PayPal. Contact them directly to avoid any misunderstandings with PayPal, since they will investigate your account.
  4. Held; The held status indicates that PayPal is holding the funds for both the buyer and the seller. There has either been filed a dispute or a investigation started by PayPal. Cantact PayPal to be informed about the reason of the holding of the funds.
  5. Temporary Hold; A temporary hold is placed on funds within your account when a merchant requests authorization for a transaction, but before the transaction is finalized. When the transaction is final, the hold is reversed and the money removed from your account in a different transaction.