How to subscribe?

After registering and using the trial version of our service, you are able to subscribe for an Explorer, Adventure or Hero. Each of these subscriptions have different features that should be considered. You can subscribe for either one of these by clicking the subscribe button, which can be found in the left menu under ''user settings''. You can choose between monthly or yearly subscriptions, the yearly subscriptions can be bought with a discount. 

You can auto-renew your subscriptions to prevent your hopper from any downtime. Auto-renewing your subscriptions will be possible if you pay with your Cryptohopper balance or with PayPal. In the following headings, it will be explained how to deposit money on your Cryptohopper balance using different payment options.
Funds sent to the Cryptohopper Balance can't be refunded, please read the deposit message carefully through. 

One subscription, one Hopper.

One subscription equals one active automated trading Hopper with real funds. 

If you buy any Hopper (Explorer, Adventure or Hero), you cannot use this on multiple templates. In order to have an active template, an active subscription is required.

Partnered exchanges can be connected to hopper templates without having a paid subscription. The free Pioneer subscription will be automatically assigned to these templates and allow to you to buy and sell manually. These exchanges include; Bitvavo, Binance, OKEx, HitBTC, and Kucoin. The Pioneer subscription is ideal for portfolio management.

Multiple subscriptions per account.

It's possible to have multiple Hoppers per account. One subscription equals one Hopper. If you want, for example, two Hero Hoppers, you'll have to buy two Pro subscriptions.

You are also able to assign those Hoppers to the same exchange set with different templates and strategies. You can click on ''view all hoppers'' in the menu on the left and then click on ''assign subscriptions'' at the upper right corner.