We are proud to present these packages to you.

Manual trading: Pioneer Subscription, Free of charge!

  • Portfolio management
  • Manual buying and selling
  • Connect to partnered exchanges of Cryptohopper

Starter: Explorer Hopper at $19,- per month

  • Realtime 24/7 cloud trading bot
  • 80 positions
  • Max 15 selected coins
  • Max 2 triggers
  • Buying with 10 minutes interval

Medium: Adventure Hopper at $49,- per month

  • Realtime 24/7 cloud trading bot
  • 200 positions
  • Max 50 selected coins
  • Max 5 triggers
  • Buying with 5 minutes interval

Pro: Hero Hopper at $99,- per month

  • Realtime 24/7 cloud trading bot
  • 500 positions
  • Max 75 selected coins
  • All coins for signals
  • Max 10 triggers
  • Arbitrage
  • Buying with 2 minutes interval

What do these buying intervals mean?

The explorer hopper will usually show in the output that it is looking for targets every 20 minutes instead of the advertised 10 minutes. This is because the bot searches for trades and the time recorded for the last check is the first minute of this search period. When the bot finishes its search period, it goes into its 10 minutes interval, then it searches for trades again. Since it records the first minute of the search period for the last check. It might look like the interval is 20 minutes, however it is 10 minutes. The interval of the Adventure and Hero hopper are 5 and 2 mintues and scan your trade opportunities faster than the Explorer.

Signals from signalers create an instant buy order and are not in this 10, 5 or 2 minute loop.