A complete stats page overhaul has taken place!

Note that all specific coins shown here were selected at random and should not be taken for financial advice.

Your stats

Time period

In the upper right corner of the Statistics page, you are able to select a time period from which you would like to see your statistics.

Buys and sells

You can review the candle chart as a summary of your sells and buys:

  • Red : Sells
  • Green : Buys

It gives you an easy oversight of your what your hopper is up to over a one-week period. 

Buying and selling yourstats

Allocation of funds

This Pie chart displays 3 data points of your portfolio.

  • Base currency available
  • Base currency in open positions
  • Base currency reserved

It is a helpful place to find out what your funds are doing, whether they are tied up in positions or if they are sitting in your portfolio waiting to be hopped!

Yourstats allocation of funds

Profit stats

Here you are shown data about your hoppers performance.

  • Base currency Invested
  • Base currency Returns
  • Base currency gained/lost in current positions
  • Fee's paid

The chart gives you a clear overview of what you have earned over a selected time, your current holdings and profits.

Yourstats profit stats


Profit based on sell triggers

This shows data about your profits related to the type of trigger which instigated the sale of an asset: 

  • Percentage profit
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Auto close within time

With this chart, you get full transparency about which triggers were executed as well as how each of them performed. More importantly, it helps you pinpoint selling flaws in your configuration. 

Profits based on sell triggers

Profit based on buy triggers

This shows data about your profits based on what type of trigger has lead to a buy: 

  • Strategy
  • Signalers
  • Trailing stop buy
  • DCA

Equally as interesting as the overview of selling triggers, this chart shows you how your Hopper has been executing buy orders. This helps you pinpoint buying flaws in your configuration.

Profit based on buy triggers

Daily Profit

This indicates your average daily percentage profits over the span of a week. 

It is particularly helpful for determining whether it may be time to reconsider your configuration or trading strategy.   

Daily profits

Average holding times

Here, you can see how long you have been holding an asset on average. You have insight into: 

  • The average holding time of your positions
  • Which currency is held
  • How long it is held

Depending on the type of trader you are, you will make very different decisions when it comes to your chosen time horizon. It is therefore in your interest to align your positions with your trading strategy. The average holding time chart will assist you in that process!

Average holding times

Average profits per coin

This shows you data about how much profit you made per coin: 

  • Your average total profit
  • The name of the currency
  • The amount of profit made

It's an intuitive overview of what you have made on average a particular coin. So its very handy to see which coins work for you and which don't. 

Average profit per coin

Most traded coins

Here you"ll find your hoppers most traded coins with respect to positions sold. It will show you:

  • What type of currency is traded
  • How many trades are done in that particular currency
  • How much percent of your trading this coin has done

The chart gives you a clear overview of how much you have traded per currency, so you can filter out coins that do not fit your strategy. 

Most traded Coins

Total in assets

This might show you the most important data of all: your money.

You can see the overview of your funds and how its value behaves. Once the markets pick up and your hopper starts to do loads of profitable trades, you tend to see a rise, while a small drawback is expected in bear heavy markets.

Total Base currency in assets

Global Stats

While looking at personal stats is nice, why not compare it to the entire exchange?
If you wish you to see the average data of your fellow traders, you can check and study how they have performed over your selected time period.

Global buys, profits and triggers

This first field will give you the same type of overview as the personal stats tab, except that it is calculated for every trader on the base-pair you are using. It will still show you: 

  • Buying amount vs selling amount
  • Profits based on sell triggers
  • profits based on buy triggers
Global buys and profits

Total in assets

The second field will give you a same type of overview as your personal stats, except that it is calculated for every trader on the base-pair you are using. It will still show you:

  • average daily profit percentages
  • average holding times
  • average daily profit percentage per coin
Global Daily profit holding times

Most traded coins

This shows what coins are traded the most, calculated for every trader on the base-pair you are using.

Global Most traded Coins