Signal Configuration

We all know you can configure our Hoppers, but did you know you can configure your Signaler as well? When you go to your config, you'll see a "Signals" tab. 

Here you will see the signalers you're currently subscribed to. Under the subscribe button is the "Configure" button. Click the "Configure" button.

You can configure your Signaler with the following configuration fields:

Pause Signal When enabled the hopper will not place an order when the signal comes in.
Market Order

An important feature! When your Hopper receives a signal, it places limit orders. If the rate of the currency goes up too fast, your Hopper will have troubles to buy the currency. This is where Market Order can help you. 

When enabled the hopper will place an order for the current lowest ask instead of the rate of the signal.

Buy amount in .. (BTC) If you want to overwrite your base config and set a different buy amount for this Signaler, you can enter your buy amount here. For example: 0.001 or 100. This overrides your base config.
Percentage Profit Enter the percentage of profit you want to make with these signals. Whenever a coin goes over this percentage, it will be sold. This overrides your base config.
Percentage Higher Bid An alternative for Market Order, or you can use them together. If you want to bid higher then the signal price, you can enter a percentage here, for example: 0.5. This will help you buy signals that are in a pump.
Allow All Coins
Only for Pro hoppers
When enabled this will select all coins for this signaller, and disables your strategy. Your Hopper won't scan for buys, but waits until it receives a signal.

Buy signals

Your Hopper will try 4 times to buy a currency with it's limit orders. This isn't always as desirable. When your Hopper tries for the fourth time, the rate often already got up and maybe will come down again.

Market order and Percentage Higher Bid, helps you to buy the signal on the first time, but for more than the currency is signaled for.

If you lower your "Max open time buy" in your normal config, your Hopper will try it again and create new limit orders more quickly.

When the hopper fails to buy into a signal

Should the hopper attempt to buy into a given signal but fails multiple times, try placing a market order.

Placing a market order means that the hopper opens a position at the CURRENT ticker rate, instead of the rate of the signal, meaning that you will make more buys, but it could result in a lower percentage profit.

Configuring your signalers