Getting Started


There are a variety of ways you can set up your hopper to use signalers. Your hopper can buy at the sole

Your hopper can buy exclusively at the hands of signalers, or you can allow it to buy based on your own TA as well as signals. If you wish to trade using only signals, you must select the strategy: "No strategy, Manual/External signals only". 
When this is selected your Hopper's output will say that the strategy is disabled and it will only follow signals.


Make sure your signaler fulfills these criteria before you subscribe to them:

  • They send signals in your base currency.
  • They send signals for the exchange you're using.
  • You're satisfied with their performance report. 
  • They send signals often

How does the performance report work?

We get a lot of questions about the performance report. An important aspect to know, is how the profit/losses are calculated.

The signalers performance reports show the highest rate in a particular time block, not the exact rate after that time. We know it can give a wrong image about how much you can earn, so we are planning to add the biggest loss as well.

So if the report says:

5 min: 5% 
15 min: 15%
1h our: 10%
3 hours: 1%

It means that:

5 min: 5% - between 0-5 minutes after signal was send, the highest profit was 5%
15 min: 15% -  between 5-15 minutes after signal was send, the highest profit was 15%
1h our: 10% -  between 15min-1hr after signal was send, the highest profit was 10%
3 hours: 1% -  between 1-3 hours after signal was send, the highest profit was 1%

Especially where it states "1%". it is definitely possible that there's a loss as well. It just states what the highest possible profit is.

Signal output 

You're subscribed, but you're not sure that you are receiving signals? At the bottom of your dashboard is the Hopper output and the "Last Signal Output". It shows in "Last Signal Output" when your last signal was received, and what your Hopper tried to do with the signal. If you're not sure if you're receiving signals correctly, or that your Hopper isn't buying them correctly, this is the first place to look.