How to get the most out of the affiliate program (Remove adblock to see the banners)

Interested in becoming an affiliate? That’s great! It is as a result of influencers like you that we have managed to experience the growth and create a global community of hoppers. This document will outline how the affiliate program works, as well as some tips and tricks to help us achieve mutual success in our partnership.

Some quick info

  • Cryptohopper has a network of 200+ active affiliates.
  • Every time a user joins our platform via your personal affiliate link, they will forever be linked to your affiliate account.
  • Affiliate signups occur most from blogs, videos and network groups

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Here’s Some Tips and Tricks to Max out on your Payouts!

1) Select your channel

All it takes is one well placed blog post to generate all your leads. If you have an instagram account, all you need is a photo, with your unique affiliate link. If it receives, say, 200 likes, and 10 new people sign up. Then, if those people convert into paying customers, you will receive 10% commision on every month they pay their subscription, including commision on signalers they subscribe to. So, for more success, select the channel where you have the loudest voice.

2) Select your audience

Non-experienced crypto traders require more guidance from you along the way to convert into paying customers. An experienced crowd needs less nurturing. So it’s a good idea to think about who you want to market to. At the same time, many of our most successful affiliates are so great at onboarding inexperienced users, that they have seen tremendous revenue from this demographic. Ask yourself, how active do you want to be?

3) Be informative

Most potential new users will try to find information which will help them to decide whether or not to try Cryptohopper. As a result, some of our most successful affiliates are those that have done a review of different trading bots and highlighted why they prefer ours. Affiliates only had to upload one informative post, and what they gott out of it (and still do) is a passive income from the new happy hoppers they brought in. So the goal is to find out how you can highlight Cryptohopper most effectively to get the most out of the program without having to be actively promoting it. Of course, if you’d like to actively promote, by all means!

4) Nurture your squad

Referrals are good and often lead to conversions, if you want to increase the chances of this happening, it may be a good idea to nurture new users! Show users why it’s a good idea to upgrade, help them out if you can and build your own little sub community of hoppers!

5) Ask us anything!

Don’t be afraid to contact us. We’re always happy to give you exclusive content to help you spread the word. We can give you ideas tailored to your channel and are of course always open to new business proposals.

6) Use banners or text links

Once you have created an affiliate code, you can further increase your conversions by using interactive banners and text links. These can be found under User Settings and then Affiliates Account.