Support is available for people with account/payment issues, PR related questions, business proposals or if you want to report a bug.

Please note the following:

- Do not ask how the Hopper works. This is what the tutorials, documentation, Academy, question base and forum are for.
- Do not ask for financial advise. We aren't allowed to give such advise. 
- Be polite. We're here to help you, so please stay polite to our support staff. They're as human as you are! Very impolite people can risk being banned from all public/private support places.
- Do not ask us to compare your TA settings with TradingView. The Hopper is working properly and properly following your configured TA, but doesn't always have the exact same parameters as TradingView. We get a lot of questions why certain TAs aren't triggered, and it costs a lot of time and effort to prove that the Hopper is following the right TA's. 

We want to prioritize our time for people who are encountering account issues/payment issues/bugs. 

Thanks for your understanding,

Happy Hopping!