Choose your Wallet

When you check-out with Bitpay You will need to select the wallet or exchange that you want to check-out with

Payment Tips

This screen shows some payment tips that you can utilise to have your payment proceed as smooth as possible.

Dynamic Fee Errors

Note that certain exchanges such as Binance cannot be used, as they have a dynamic fee system.

Choose your Currency

Choose the currency you with to use and pay with.

Scan the QR Code

You have 2 options, either Scan the QR code, as depicted here.

Copy the wallet

Or copy the wallet address, as shown here.

The amount due

This is the amount that is due. Once the right amount is sent we can process your payment and get started on activating that subscription!

Payment has been detected

A payment has been detected! Your payment is being processed on our end, and the subscription will be activated soon!

Payment Success!

Your payment was succesfull! The subscription should be activated and it will reflect very soon.

The payment deadline

Make sure to send the payment within the time-window. Otherwise the subscription won't be able to activate properly.

Your payment is expired

If your payment doesn't arrive in time, you will be greeted with this screen. Your funds will be automatically refunded.