Frequently Asked Questions

At our support desk, we feel an increasing need to address the questions asked very frequently, as some questions sent to us multiple times a day.
Even though our supporting staff is always willing to answer, having a centralized list of the most asked questions always helps.

Why doesn't my hopper trade?

When your hopper searches for a potential buy signal, it checks the market, looks at the TA you set and looks for a buying opportunity. There are multiple reasons why your hopper doesn't trade:

  • - Is your hopper enabled on your dashboard?  
  • - Is buying enabled on your dashboard?
  • - Too many indicators selected?
  • - Too aggressively set indicators?
  • - No base currency left to buy the coin or maximum allocated amount reached?
  • - Does your signaller send buy signals for your chosen exchange and base currency?

You can see on your dashboard in ‘current target’ whether your hopper has spotted a coin to buy. What happens after your hopper has spotted a coin to buy can be found in your hopper output on your Dashboard.  

Why was I charged after unsubscribing a while ago?

In order to stop your subscription, you would need to cancel the recurring payments directly within PayPal. They will keep charging you, thinking you still use the hopper while you don't

You paid but I don't see anything happening?

There are several steps to undertake, depending on which payment you used

  1. Paid with Crypto
    • Make sure you sent the exact amount + withdrawal fee.
    • Look for your TXID.
    • Check your currency used.
    • Check the amount you sent.
    • Gather all this data and send a ticket to support with it.

  2. Paid with Paypal
    • Make sure that you have enough funds available
    • look at your hopper under "assign subscriptions"
    • Send us a ticket with your paypal invoice ID and paypal e-mail

I canceled my subscription, what do I need to do?

After unsubscribing from a signal or your hopper altogether, there is an additional step one must undertake to assure that there is no more money charged.

  1. Paid with Crypto
    • There is nothing you need to do to stop recurring payments. Payments made with crypto's are manual.

  2. Paid with Paypal
    • Go to your paypal
    • Navigate to "My payments"
    • Cancel the recurring payments

My trade history is showing orders with ID "0"

When you either manually or automatically sync your assets (Read more about syncing your assets here.)
The asset gets order ID 0 and gets synced at the CURRENT ticker-rate. Unless you have specified this differently.
When syncing assets you have the option to fill in a custom ticker rate!

Are fees included in the percentage profit/trade history?

Due to the difference in fee structure, we have decided against including fees in the trade history.
There is simply too much room for error and it's too hard, if not impossible to track for the support staff.
If you wish to know more about the trade history, click here.

What is my minimum buy amount?

The exact minimum buy amount depends on your exchange.
A general rule of thumb is :

  • 0.002 BTC
  • 0.02 ETH
  • About 20 USD worth of assets

There are no positions found?

When your hopper searches for a potential buy, it checks the market, looks at the TA you set and looks for a buying opportunity.
Many people have their hopper set really conservative, which is fine, but it does mean that chances are you won't get a buy for quite a while.

If you want to learn more on setting your hopper, you could see our community or check out our documentation regarding your settings

I have sold my positions on Cryptohopper but the exchange shows that they are still there?

Please make sure that you have actually sold the entire position! Many times our users have mistaken the fact that the hopper sold the asset. However, the asset was only listed to be sold and not actually sold yet.

Doing a hard refresh (CTRL+F5 or CMD+R / APPLE+R) could smooth out any visual lag that may be present if the asset is actually sold but still shows in your asset list.