This will trail the profit percentage upwards, tracking a position that is gaining until the price starts to go down, after which the position is sold.

Trailing stop-loss percentage

Your hopper will try sell if your coin price drops by this amount and your coin has been armed to sell.

Arm trailing stop-loss at

Your hopper will be armed to sell your coin if it hits this % profit. i.e: if you set this to 3%, and your coin hits 3% profit, it will be prepared to sell if it later drops to your chosen 'Sell trailing-stop-Loss' %.

Use trailing stop-loss only (this will disable Take profit)

When enabled this will disable the take profit percentage and only use the trailing stop-loss to sell a position.

Reset stop-loss after failed orders

When enabled, the coin first has to hit it's original ''Arm TSL'' target and TSL target before it will sell a position.

Only sell with profit

When enabled this will check if the position is being sold with profit when trailing stop-loss is being triggered. If trailing stop-loss would sell a position with loss, the sell order will not be placed.

Troubleshooting the TSL

When using TSL, make sure to set either a high take profit, or enable use Trailing Stop Loss only. The hopper will always sell whichever allows it to sell first.

To stay on the safe side, set your "Arm Trailing stop-loss at" at a higher percentage then the Trailing stop loss percentage.