Take profit at:

Enter the percentage profit you want to make on a position before you sell it. Whenever your coin goes over this percentage, your hopper will place a sell order.

Max open time sell

The number of minutes a sell order remains open before the order is cancelled.

Percentage ask

If you want to sell your coin for more profit than its current market rate, you can set a percentage here. For example if the highest bid for a coin is 1 and you configure 1 (%) higher ask here, it will place a sell order for the price of 1.01. If you enable this you should also check that your 'Max open time sell' is long enough.

Trouble shooting the sell settings

If you have problems selling coins please check the following:

  • Do I have my Take profit at a too high percentage?
  • If you have a very low max open time sell, chances are your hopper will time-out and attempt the limit order again
  • If you get loads of time-outs, make sure that percentage ask isn't set to a very high number.