Get notified by email about your hoppers trades.

Notification on trade:

If this is enabled, you will receive an e-mail EVERY trade that the hopper does

This includes: buys, sells

Notification on trade error:

If this is enabled you will receive an e-mail whenever a trade failed.

A trade can fail whenever the hopper is disconnected from the exchange, if the amount you are spending per position is too little, or if the exchange is in error.

Notify on cancelled order:

If this is enabled, you will receive an e-mail whenever an order gets cancelled

A trade can be cancelled whenever the hopper places a trade on a market with very little volume, if this is the case you can do a couple of things

Wait for the hopper to try again, Remove the coin from your allowed coins list entirely or increase the max time open for a sell order

Troubleshooting the Notifications

If you have notifications enabled, but no messages are being received. Make sure to enable it both in the General config, and in the User profile