Paper trading

If you are unsure as to how the hopper works. Make sure to enable papertrading.

This will allow you to trade with paper money, and your own funds won't be at risk! If you want to know how papertrading works, please have a look at our Papertrading Documentation


Choose an exchange to trade on, we support a whole variety of exchanges, including some of the biggest ones out there!

To find out which exchanges we support, please Refer to our Exchanges page

Exchange API key

Fill in your API key, make sure that Withdrawal is disabled!

Exchange API secret

Fill in the API key secret

Use Ticker rate

The ticker rate, is the way CH looks at the chart ticker. This can be set to 3 different ways

  • Highest bid/Lowest ask | This setting takes the highest bidding rate, and lowest asking rate when placing an order
  • Use last tick if higher lower | This setting takes the last tick, if the last tick is higher then the normal buy/sell rate
  • Always use last tick | This setting takes the price of the last tick, regardless of price fluctuations

Troubleshooting the Exchange

If your hopper isn't doing anything, make sure to check the output for error messages such as "Invalid API key in your config"

Even if you are 100% sure that the API is correct, re-create it and remove the auto-fill option from your browser, or disable your password manager for CH.