Trailing Stop-Buy allows you to set a minimum amount of growth that an individual coin must grow before your hopper places a buy order. So if a coin has been declining and there is a sign of reversal, your hopper will continue ignoring this reversal until it hits the necessary minimum growth as set by your TSB percentage. Unlike Trailing Stop-Loss (TSL), you do not have an 'arm' percentage to fill in, which is the moment the trailing stop activates. This is because your TSB will be armed, or in other words triggered, when the coin is given a buy order through your strategy, DCA or manual buys, not with signals. TSB can be used to help you set how much a coin must be growing in price before your hopper deems it a worthwhile investment rather than a coin with a temporary reversal.


Note: Be careful using this option in a bear market. It has the potential to leave you with bags. This option is not recommended for inexperienced users.

TSB only 1 coin

There are some scenarios where your hopper will have multiple buy orders for one coin (most notably in combination with trailing stop-buy). To prevent this, turn this option on!