Choose a strategy for the hopper. The default strategy is Multiple TA Factors. If you do not configure your in advanced Multiple TA settings your hopper will use default settings which are not adapted to changing market conditions.

Signals only

Disables TA strategy and follow signals only. TradingView alerts that create buy and sell orders are also seen as signals

Number of targets to buy

This determines the amount of targets that are bought if your strategy finds multiple coins at the same time. If you configure 3 targets, and the hopper finds 5, it will only buy the best 3, sorted by the number of indicators and buy signals it has hit. Maximum is 10.

Advanced settings

If you have your TA strategy set to Multiple TA, the advanced settings tab will open up. In here you can alter the indicator values.

Troubleshooting the Strategy

If you have the feeling that your hopper isn't buying.

  • Make sure that when you are trading on "signals only" you are subscribed to a signaler that signals for your exchange and base-coin.
  • If no buys are made when trading on Multiple TA, consider changing your strategy, or remove an indicator. Having more indicators isn't always better.
  • When you use Multiple TA as strategy, a coin will be bought when 2 out of 3 indicators indicate a buy or when 3 out of 4 indicators indicate a buy. When you select more indicators, the hopper still needs 3 indicators that signal a buy to generate a buy order. When you have selected ''necessary for buy'' on all indicators, the chance is very small that buy orders will be generated.