Base currency

Select the currency you want to use to buy positions. Your hopper will actively work to increase the amount of this currency.

Allowed coins

Select the coins you want your Hopper to buy and sell.

Percentage buy amount

Determines the size of each buy order. This value is a percentage of your total assets, or the 'Maximum amount allocated' field if configured. If this value falls below your exchange 'Minimum amount per order', that value will be used instead.

Minimum BTC amount per order

Determines the minimum amount for every buy order. If 'Percentage buy amount' is not used (left blank), your hopper will use this value. Please set this equal to or higher than the minimum amount for your exchange and base currency. Note: When your available funds are lower than the minimum amount configured, a position will be made with the available funds, disregarding the minimum.

Maximum BTC amount allocated

The maximum amount the bot may use from your total assets. For example if you have 1 BTC and you enter 0.5 here, your hopper will only be able to use 0.5 BTC.

Trouble shooting the Coins & amounts

If your hopper isn't buying, check and see if the minimum amount that you are spending is enough for the exchange to allow.

A general rule of thumb is 20 usd, or equivalent in value