Percentage higher/lower bid

This feature allows you to consistently place a buying bid, X percent higher or lower then the current ticker price

Make sure that you don't over do this! If you want to consistently bid 15% lower then the current price, chances are immense that your order won't be filled before it times out.

Max open time buy

The number of minutes a buy order remains open before the order is cancelled.

Max open positions

The maximum number of open positions (investments) your hopper can have open at a time.

Max percentage open positions per coin

Determines the maximum number of open positions allowed per coin type. The total number of open positions will not exceed this calculated value, which is a percentage of the 'max open positions' field. If you allow max 100 open positions and 4% open positions per coin, your hopper will allow at most 4 open positions per coin type of 100 total open positions.

Only 1 open buy order per coin

When enabled your hopper will only allow a single open order per coin at once, with exception of manual orders. Note: Multiple positions of a coin can still be opened. This can be configured with 'Max percentage open positions per coin'

Only buy when there are positive pairs

If enabled the hopper will only buy coins if there has been a positive change % in the last X hours/minutes (this is configurable in the next step). If there are no positive coins the hopper will not buy with your strategy.

Positive pairs timeframe (When only buy when there are positive pairs is enabled)

Configure the timeframe to check if there are only positive pairs. For example: if you configuire 1 day, and all markets are going down in the 1 day timeframe, your hopper will not buy.

Enable cooldown

When you enable cooldown your hopper will not try to buy a coin within your chosen cooldown period after a buy or sell.

Cooldown when

Select if you want to enable cooldown period only after buys, sells or after both.

Cooldown period

the cooldown period in minutes. In the cooldown period after the a buy or sell, the coin will not be bought again.

Auto merge positions

When enabled all your positions of the same currency will be merged everytime/always.

Troubleshooting the buy settings

If your hopper isn't buying, there are several things that can cause this.

  • Make sure the hopper isn't in cooldown
  • Make sure that you have enough balance in your base coin
  • Make sure that you can still open positions
  • If you have only buy when positive pairs are enabled, make sure that the coins are actually positive