Reserved Funds

You can move positions or base currency into the reserved funds tab. This will prevent your hopper from interacting with these funds until you either release the position, or you move it to open positions.

How you use this functionality is up to you!

You can move a position directly into the reserved funds tab by selecting a position using the info button and pressing ''reserve funds''. Alternatively, you can reserve existing positions on the exchange or base currency using the ''reserve funds'' button on the reserved funds tab. 

Reserved Positions


The release button will free up the funds from your reserved positions. If this is your base currency, it can now be used to open new positions again. If this is another coin, it will be available to be synchronized again using the synchronize tool. This does not turn the funds into a position, for this, you can use the ''move to positions'' button.

Move to positions

This button will return these funds as a position, tracking the percentage profit reached. It is not possible to move base currency to open positions, as you use the base currency to open positions.


Some examples on how you can use the reserved funds tab:

  • Move positions here that you want to hold long-term.
  • Move bags in here so they don't clog up your open positions list.
  • Store and accumulate POS coins here if your exchange pays out on your account. (for example, you can earn GAS by holding NEO)
  • Store some USD/USDT here in case of a crash. 
  • Reserve some of your base currency here for when you want to DCA out of bad positions
  • Keep a percentage of your base currency to ''free up'' when you think it is a good moment to enter the market.