Hopper specifications

Your Papertrading hopper doesn't need an API key to connect to the exchange of choice, because of this the coins will always be instantly traded. So you cannot base the papertrading stats on the real-life supply and demand of the exchange. However, it can be used to test your strategies

The hopper stats are as follows:

  • Interval Time : 10 minutes TA search
  • Allowed coins : 75
  • Allowed triggers : 2
  • All coins for signals : Not allowed

How to get additional papertrading hoppers

Every regular hopper subscription gives you one additional papertrading subscription. Meaning that with the Trial you can have one regular hopper and one papertrading. Any subscription after gives you an additional real hopper and a papertrading hopper

FAQ about papertrading

Do I need to attach a subscription to my papertrading hopper?
No, you do not need to attach a sub to the papertrading hopper. But it is important to make sure the hopper is enabled.

How do I deposit funds in my papertrading hopper?
In order to start trading, make sure to deposit funds in your chosen base-currency. When going to your dashboard, you will be prompted to deposit funds

Can I use multiple papertrading hoppers per exchange?
No, only one papertrading hopper per exchange is allowed.