Output log and errors

The output log can be used to find all details of orders and other related subjects that can be reported about your Hopper or the exchange. A very common misinterpretation about the log are orders that did not sell. It happens relatively often that buys are triggered but are not actually bought because of drastic price changes or other reasons. The output log actually mentions that it was unable to place the buy, and why.

All errors mentioned are precautions and notifications about something that the Hopper is not receiving properly or something that might not be set properly. Make sure you double check your config every once in a while and notice that many errors are created because information cannot be received from the exchange. Do not panic straight away and wait those kind of errors out for a few hours, which should be resolved after a while or even after refreshing the webpage.

What if I waited a couple of hours but my hopper still puts out weird errors?

If you noticed errors occurring and you waited for a while, seeing the error occur every couple of seconds, there are some things that you can do and check before contacting support.

If these steps didn't help, perhaps you can find your answer at our known errors list.