Balances and assets

Your balances and assets are representing the cryptos and fiat currencies you own on the exchange.

Total amount in BTC (for example) on exchange

This shows how much you have invested, how much % profit you have made, and what your start balance is. Make sure you fill in the correct start balance, so you will see exactly how much profit you've made.

The total amount in BTC (example) on the exchange calculates the total amount of all cryptocurrencies you own and shows them together on that part of your dashboard.

It happens that the (BTC) invested is a bit off, you can reset those stats by clicking the reset button. When you've entered a correct start balance, the % assets on exchange will always show a correct profit/loss.

Current assets

Your current assets are shown on the dashboard of your Hopper and represent the cryptocurrencies which you own on the exchange. You can sync current assets on your exchange as positions so your hopper can sell them. The sync button can be found on the bottom part of your assets list on the dashboard. You can also turn on automatic sync. Do not use this when you use multiple hoppers for one exchange account, it will lead to issues.

Always make sure you have enough assets in your base currency, since your Hopper will try to buy with that particular currency.