Market templates

Market templates allow you to load a template of your choosing on demand and make it trigger dependent. A template contains all settings that you can configure in your hopper. 

Step 1: Buy a template

Before you can use market templates in your base config and for your triggers, you first have to navigate to the marketplace. In the marketplace, you can choose between paid and free market templates and determine which template suits your needs. 

Step 2: Use a template 

After you have bought a template from the marketplace, you can use the template when you click on ''Actions'' at the upper right in your base config. Here you can select load template. 

Step 3: Using the template change in a trigger

Once your current template is up and running you could use the marketplace template and make a trigger to switch between them. For example, you want a different template to be used once the price of Bitcoin drops 5% because you think these settings will create better trade results. Once you have created a trigger, the template will be used automatically when Bitcoin drops 5%.